Death Of Our Nation
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-Idea Behind The Thread-

The only difference between the police and the run away slave patrol is the 13 amendment of the constitution. The law enforcement system as we know it perpetuates white supremacy and racism. It is this same white supremacy and racism that has been attempting to incarcerate, kill and destroy everyone outside the institutions of dominant culture. Because of the origin, the system it functions from and the policies that are put in place to uphold the *Death Of Our Nation* we will forever fight against this system of oppression until we find our collective Liberation.

** It should be noted that the people who as law enforcement themselves are not bad, nor are they the target of this message. However, simply due to the nature of their job, I believe that everyday they work inside this institution they are robbed of their humanity. I pray for them as I pray for my siblings because they are my siblings and I hope that love loosens the grip of their badges and riot gear

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