About Diamond Cut International


We, those who society have deemed the less fortunate, the misfits and the outcasts with nothing less then excellency as our name suggest set out to change the world! First starting with ourselves than revolutionizing the perception we have been conditioned to see. Crafted through the pressure and fire of a corrupt and insensitive society we stand together, forever monolithic facing any and all obstacles as nothing more then mere hurdles on our journey to TRUE Freedom, Prosperity and Greatness BEYOND measure! We are Diamond Cut, and WE are the FUTURE!



1. Create equal job opportunity for those frowned upon by society and establish a stable resource of residual income.

2. Re-educate ourselves and our children starting from Knowledge of Self.

3. Build and maintain personal, spiritual and economical community of like minded forward thinking individuals committed to living consciously in Truth and Love and supporting others who want to change no matter their background, color, sex, how they identify, sexual orientation or current level of consciousness.